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Equine Surgery

     Some minor surgeries can be performed on the farm,  however, many surgeries are best performed in a hospital setting where we have access to a very sanitary environment and infrastructure and equipment that enable more complex procedures.  Also, a team of experienced and knowledgable staff are available to assist with surgeries and help to provide aftercare for our patients.


    At our equine hospital, we have a state of the art surgical suite with a padded induction/recovery room,  a hydraulic surgery table, modern anesthetic equipment  and  electronic monitoring equipment to help enable our staff to provide safe anesthesia for our patients.


     For post operative care we have camera monitored safe stalls to help us provide well supervised  intensive care when required. 


     We provide surgical care for our own horses as well as for referral cases from other veterinarians.   We do not provide some of the services available in larger specialty practices,  however, we can look after procedures such as :

colic and cryptorchid surgeries, many orthopedic surgeries, eye surgeries, dental surgeries and major  dental extractions .

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